Shading techniques

So here is my new video on shading techniques. It will show you different ways with which you can enhance your sketching skills.

First of all you need to create a rough layout of the object. Keep the pencil strokes as light as possible, so that it is easy to  make corrections later on.

Once you are done with your layout, you can begin with the shading. Shade the lighter tones first. Ensure that your shades move in the direction of lighting of the object.

After giving light shades, gradually darken the shadows. Continue to intensify the darker shades till the sketch is complete.


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Sketching tips

So all those struggling to get outstanding sketches..

Here comes this video to your rescue. In this video my brother will be showing you how to create myriad shades using only HB pencil. This can be really helpful for beginners to start with one single pencil, and then gradually move towards using various kinds of pencils like 2B, 6B, etc.

In case you do not have a blending stump, even then you can effortlessly blend shades… To know how check out this video 😎👇👇

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Watch “Deadpool 2 – Realistic Drawing | Creativity Unbound | #deadpool #marvel #drawingvideo” on Youtube

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If You Want Change to Happen, You Have to Do It Yourself — Discover



From Gillian Whitcombe at The Sewcialists: “Sewing is amazing because it’s really creative and really logical at the same time. It’s not like, ‘Why don’t I fit into this size?’ You know your body inside and out; it’s really empowering that way.”

via If You Want Change to Happen, You Have to Do It Yourself — Discover

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There Is So Much Power in Giving Back to People — Discover

And I found this article really endearing…

“I want people to smile. I know that’s simple, but there is so much power in doing something uplifting.” International street artist Kelsey Montague creates large-scale murals that are meant to be interacted with and shared.

via There Is So Much Power in Giving Back to People — Discover

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Wardrobe problems

One of the most common problems that we women face is “what to wear?”. No matter what, it is a herculean task to find out the right outfit out of the loads of clothes lying in our wardrobe; especially when you have to look your best and have no time for last-minute shopping. Another problem that we have is repetition of clothes. I mean the dress you wore the last night out, you love it but you just don’t want to repeat it.

So here are some tips and tricks that you can try with your existing wardrobe and without wasting much time:

  • Find the outfit according to the event. Dressing up according to the occasion is very important. We often feel that it is quite easy, but actually it’s not. Most of the time, we end up wearing clothes according to our moods. But one should be well aware of where we are going, and what impression our attire will leave on others. So choose accordingly.
  • Figure out your best outfits. Yes, if you wanna look your best, choose the best out of your wardrobe.
  • Ensure that the outfits that you have chosen fit you well. This is because sizes change with time. You gain or lose weight.
  • Make combinations. This is very essential when you don’t wish to repeat your clothes. One dull color and one bright color will bring color balance to your outfit.
  • If you wish to wear something loose, make sure that the other half of your attire is well-fitted. For example, you want to wear a baggy top, so pair it with a skinny jeans. Or if you want to wear a palazzo, a well-fitted blouse would make a perfect choice for it.
  • Accessorize accordingly. For example, if it is a formal event, an elegant wrist watch or a pearl necklace would be enough for it or anything that is minimalist.

So next time you get ready. Keep these things in mind!


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First let me introduce myself. I am Kanupriya Sharma. And I am currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy as a student.

This blog TRY explores everything creative ranging from fashion, DIYs , painting, decor, to even poetry and so on.

The site upholds the idealogy that there is boundless horizon to innovation and being aesthetic is the very essence of art.

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